the wedding party

Bridal Bouquet

The bride's bouquet should reflect the personality of the bride. The size, shape, color and style of the bouquet is the personal preference of the bride. Bouquet choices can include cascades, nosegays, and hand-tied garden styles.

Cost: $125 - $400
Average cost: $175

Tossing Bouquet

Many brides use a small, less expensive bouquet to toss at the reception.

Average cost: $45

Bridesmaids' Bouquets

The bridesmaids' bouquets are usually more colorful and smaller than the bridal bouquet. The color of the flowers in the bridesmaids' bouquets often sets the color scheme of the wedding and should complement the color of the dresses. 

Cost: $75 - $125
Average cost: $85


Boutonnieres for the gentlemen in the wedding party can be white, or they can carry out the color scheme of the bridesmaids' dresses. Boutonnieres are usually a single flower with added grennery. The groom's boutonniere is usually different from the groomsmen, either in color, size or flower choice.

Average cost: $17


It is traditional to have corsages for the mothers and grandmothers that complement the color of their dresses. Some ladies prefer to carry a small, hand-tied bouquet of flowers.

Average cost: $25

Note: Flowers for other members of the wedding party, such as flower girls, ring bearers, and honorary attendants, need to be chosen as well.


the ceremony

Focal Flowers

Beautiful floral arrangements placed in the front of the church, synagogue or ceremony location help to focus attention on the bride and groom as they exchange their vows. The size and color of the arrangements are determined by the size of the ceremony space and the wedding party. Ceremony flowers can be all white, or they can be used to further carry out the color scheme of the wedding.

Cost: $100 - $500 each
Average cost: $125 each


Arbors will provide a beautiful focal point, framing the bridal couple for the ceremony.  They can range from very simple to elaborate.  Repurpose your arbor at the reception or celebration location of your choice to enhance any area of interest.

Cost: $200 - $500

Guest Seating (pews or chairs)

Using flowers, ribbons, and candle stands are wonderful ways to carry out the color scheme of the wedding. More elaborate clusters of flowers and greenery are often used to designate family seating sections.

Average cost: Ribbon Bows $10
Average cost: Bows with greens and flowers $35

Note: Flowers and greenery can also be used in other areas of the church, synagogue or ceremony location as allowed. Wreathes on windows or doors, foyer arrangements, and greenery and candleabras in the windows help enhance the wedding ceremony.


the reception

Event Space

Flowers for the reception carryout the color scheme of the wedding and can help make a room more attractive. Using greenery, trees, and floral arrangements give your reception a wonderful party atmosphere. Flowers can help you achieve the look you want - simple, garden style or elaborate elegance. 

Cost: $300 - $5,000

Buffet Table

Floral arrangements on the buffet table enhance the presentation of the food and add to the beauty of the reception. The size and number of floral arrangements is determined by the arrangement of the tables. One large centerpiece can be used, or several smaller arrangements in combination with a large centerpiece might be more attractive. The flowers should continue to reflect the style and color scheme of the wedding.

Cost: $200 - $800

Guest and Bar Top Tables

Centerpieces for guest tables should be similar in the color and style of the other floral arrangements. Using small, low centerpieces or above eye level, taller centerpieces helps to keep from interrupting the flow of conversation. Bar top tables require only a small floral or candle design.

Cost: $25 - $250

Cake Table and Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is the focal point at most receptions. Pictures will surely be taken here, and you will want to enhance the table with flowers. Many brides use fresh flowers on top of and around the wedding cake.

Cost: $60 - $250
Average cost: $75